Allonsy! A Doctor Who Party

With Doctor Who coming back in just five days, I thought I’d share my experience throwing a Doctor Who Party! This was a party I threw for the 50th Anniversary Special last year. Some friends came over my place for some drinks before we headed over to the theater all dressed up.

doctor who

Firstly, I had a Doctor Who playlist going which consisted of the soundtrack, theme song and some fan made songs as well. Check it out below:


Then I used this recipe for a blue Sonic Screwdriver, because I’m a Tenth Doctor/Tennant kind of girl. It involved pineapple vodka, blue curacao and citrus soda and it was a big hit!

My pride and joy was homemade Fishsticks and Custard. I used a fake fishsticks cookie recipe and they looked incredibly realistic! I also made homemade custard, and though I did succeed, by the end of it wish I had just bought it, it was slightly tricky and a lot of work.

And of course, the costume. I had prepped over the summer when my grandmother was in town so she could help me put together a TARDIS dress. I designed it, cut out the material and painted it, and she helped me assemble it. The dress I used I got from Forever 21 for about $25. Although I can no longer find it online, there are many simple versions of blue dresses that can be found at Target or other retailers.

doctor who dress

I wore converse and tights with the dress (again, Costume Fundamentals and Second Steps!). What surprised me, though, was that I got the most compliments on the part of my costume that you can barely see in the picture. I took my small silver mailbox key and put it on a silver chain around my neck. This was the part that everyone noticed – those small, tiny details that take it just one step further. There are some adorable “TARDIS keys” on Etsy which you should definitely check out if you’re interested.

My friends, of course, also turned out. There was another girl dressed as a TARDIS, and pictured below is one of my friends in a gender-bend 11th Doctor cosplay, and another as Amy Pond.

doctor who jenna and ammy

The use of accessories such as a bowtie, fez, and suspenders make it clear that she’s the 11th Doctor, while “Amy” went for the jacket, tights and scarf look.

Once we got to the theater, we had an absolutely amazing time! So many people had come from all across the Midwest to dress up and enjoy the 50th anniversary. We saw other TARDIS costumes, a Rory to go with our Amy, and an absolutely STUNNING cyberman cosplay that everyone stopped to take pictures with.

doctor who cyberman

With the returning season, I hope you’re inspired to throw your own Doctor Who party! If you’re not inspired yet, try checking out my Pinterest board below for some ideas! Geronimo!


2 thoughts on “Allonsy! A Doctor Who Party

  1. I hang my head as I say this, but I haven’t allowed myself to dive into the world of Doctor Who. I know I need to. It is one of those shows that I need a good solid week to binge on. Maybe over the winter. What I do have is a tea called Fish Fingers and Custard. I hope to be able to try it soon while I watch my first episode!


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