Marvel vs. DC Birthday Party!

As I’m sure you’ve surmised, my roommates and I are geeks. Hard core. Both of them have birthdays in November, and for the past couple years we’ve done a combined birthday celebration since they’re such close friends. Last year we went to the premiere of Mockinjay: Part 1. This year, we threw a combined Superhero themed party – specifically Marvel vs. DC. I distinctly remember when this was thought up at Geek Bar Beta … some six months before the actual birthday. We’re crazy.

Tony was representing the DC side of things as Green Lantern, while Carley sided Marvel with a Spider-Gwen costume. Me, I’m a Marvel girl through and through, and I had found a red leather dress at a thrift store, so I spent the night as Scarlet Witch.

In addition to the dress, I had boots, long socks, a long necklace, and some cheap glove/gauntlets. The red hairspray worked a lot better than the purple had for Go-Go Tomago, which made me very happy! Thick eyeliner and a dark smokey eye completed the look.

For food and drinks, we clearly needed both Marvel and DC options. Frozen pizza and pepperoni make for a quick and easy way to make a themed snack. Tony and Carley each picked out their mixed drinks and named them accordingly.

For decor, a quick run to Party City made it cheap and easy to find PLENTY of super-hero themed items. Plates, a Happy Birthday banner, some masks, etc. One of the most notable parts of the decor was the colored string of flags that Tony decorated individually with Superhero symbols. We made it a game to see who could guess the most correctly, which was a big hit – until nobody knew the Lantern Corps symbols. Whoops.

The other large part of the decor was the photo booth. With a blue tablecloth, some empty boxes, and lots of construction paper, Carley put this beauty together. The buildings gave it dimension (these things are important in photography, I’m told) and of course our friends were all over it. We used the masks, old costume pieces and constructed some comic-y BOOM and POW props.

We had some absolutely fantastic costumes show up, including Black Canary, a gender-bent Wolverine complete with cigar and claws, and a Magneto who had an aluminum foil helmet and magnetic gloves. Talk about commitment. Our friends are awesome. And because I know you’re wondering, yes my boyfriend came and dressed up, specifically as Robin. Universes collide!

scarlet witch and robin

On the whole, for less than $200 (including alcohol) we were able to put this on, and we had a great time. I love these two crazies and I’m happy to live and nerd out with them and wish them both absolutely fantastic birthdays.

superhero roommates


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