A Very Merry Un-Birthday

Sorry I’ve been a bit behind – a lot’s been happening! Since my birthday, one of my roommates has been transferred to South Carolina for her job and has to be there in a couple weeks. This has meant long nights of ice cream and crying and Buffy bingeing (Season 5 reactions coming soon!) and very little time to blog.

It also meant, of course, that we had to have a themed send-off.

We chose Alice in Wonderland, and had an un-birthday tea party. Because of our crazy schedules, we had to have it on a Sunday, and we figured an afternoon tea party would be easier than an evening party. It also meant that guests could stop by our place almost anytime after 2.

alice in wonderland tea party

It was all thrown together rather quickly and simply, kind of like our very first housewarming. But some finger sandwiches, baked goods, and pastel colored decor made it relatively easy to put together.

alice in wonderland cookies

alice in wonderland tea party drink me

Most people arrived in sun dresses and casual attire, but our core group still decided to get dressed up in costumes. Below, we have the White Rabbit, myself as the Queen of Hearts, the guest of honor as Alice, and the Cheshire Cat.

alice in wonderland costumes

It was a lot of fun and one of the quickest things we’ve ever put together. Even when you only have a couple weeks to throw a party together, you can still throw down with just a little time, money and energy!

This marks a huge change for all of us as close friends,¬†and it’s one of those moments in life where all your plans get thrown out the window. We’re starting to face the real world as adults – but we’re all going to continue doing so with child-like wonder in our hearts.



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