Baby’s First Con! MightyCon: DuPage

For years I’ve been telling myself I need to make it to a convention. The biggest one nearby, C2E2, has for the past few years fallen during intense rehearsals for a dance show I was in. This year I will be able to attend next spring and was determined to hunt down more cons!

MightyConΒ is a small convention in the Midwest, appearing in DuPage, Milwaukee, St. Louis and the Quad Cities, Iowa. We attended the one in DuPage, hosted at the fairgrounds in one large gym building. Because of our schedules, we attended on a Sunday.

It was both mine and my boyfriend’s first time attending a con, and we weren’t sure what to expect. The con was entirely almost exclusively the show room floor, with super smash bros tournaments up on the stage and later a panel there as well. You could see the whole floor with a quick glance, but it was still slightly overwhelming stepping into an environment where everyone wants to sell you something.

Because it was so small, we were able to do a round of the entire show room, write down the things we were interested in, then decide where we wanted to return. I want to highlight our favorite vendors that we came across there.

The very first booth that caught our eyes was Deviant Apple Illustrations, who did original artwork of some classic characters. It was very much a new take on these images and a style that we both enjoyed. We purchased prints of Captain America and Jessica Jones, and two Star Wars prints.

Captain America Deviant Apple Illustrations

Nerdtastic sells handmade nerdy jewelry designs, the kind of subtle geeky designs that I love. I purchased a long charm necklace called “Belle” that had on it a small circle with the word belle, a rose charm, a book charm and a mirror charm. I also purchased a fragrance – I’ve never actually bought one for myself, but I absolutely loved “Emerald City” and my boyfriend liked it as well!

Nerdtastic BB8 Necklace

Lastly,we noticed a booth where people were playing a card game that looked like Magic. As we got closer, we realized it was actually a game called Legends of Draxia. The creator and artists were both there to explain the game and run demos. It was a Kickstarter game that got its start last year, and after running through the game in 35-45 minutes my boyfriend definitely wanted to purchase it!

Legends of Draxia

It felt like a combination of both Settlers of Catan and Magic the Gathering. It was very easy to pick up after a 10 minute explanation and after about 3 turns. A combination of resource gathering, building, attacking beasts and using spells, the game moves at a decent pace and there are plenty of opportunities for strategizing as a more advanced player. Unlike Magic, it can be played with anywhere from 2-6 people so we’re excited to introduce it to our friends!

We both had a lot of fun and agreed that it was a good con to start off with, nice and small and easy to do in the few hours we had. We’re excited to start going to more and bigger cons like Wizard World and C2E2, hope to see you there!





10 thoughts on “Baby’s First Con! MightyCon: DuPage

  1. Awesome! I’m glad you had a good time. I think smaller cons are always a great way to start out. I’m going to Hawai’i’s major con at the end of this month and I’m totlaly excited for it. But it’s small by mainland standards. Now you are prepared for a larger con!


  2. Haha yeah since it’s taken me so long I’m just exploring every one I can! It was great for us but definitely not a large con. And yes, check out Draxia, highly recommend!


  3. It looks like you had so much fun! I attended my first Con when I was a kid and I went with my parents. Once I was old enough I would go with my friends. I tend to be very picky with Cons O.o Maybe because I’ve been in so many so many times LOL I shall find that game and give it a try! It looks amazing!


  4. The game was a lot of fun, I encourage you to check it out! Also seemed like a good “stepping stone” for getting non-gamer friends on their way to Magic πŸ™‚


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